Calacatta Beige

Calacatta BEIGE | ZQ402 ETERNITY COLLECTION The beauty of a classic statuario, distinguished by the purest white base and unique veins in a warm grey tone that traverse the surface while pencil veins complete this astonishing canvas. Calacatta Beige adds elegance to your space, turning it into a majestic and refined design. Close up view […]

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Calacatta Zero

Calacatta Zero | ZQ1357 ETERNITY COLLECTION Statement meets delicacy in this simple yet elegant design that features light gray veins with subtle filaments dancing on a cool white background. Calacatta Zero will elevate your interiors by infusing them with a sophisticated and timeless ambiance. Close up view Dowload Technical Sheet SIZE 3200 x 1600 mm

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Cloudy Sky

CLOUDY SKY | ZQ8411 ETERNITY COLLECTION A cloudy marbled backdrop is the canvas where a specter of soft grey, taupe and warm tones release their alluring potential, intersected by subtle pencil veins that complete this dignified design. An embodiment of artistry in every detail you will never get tired of contemplating. Close up view Dowload

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Lynx | ZQ1355 ETERNITY COLLECTION A captivating and delicate dance of pencil veins against a chalky surface, inviting you to immerse yourself in their graceful choreography. Subtle yet mesmerizing, Iynx will transform any space into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquillity. Close up view Dowload Technical Sheet SIZE 3200 x 1600 mm (126 x 63

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Statuario Divine

Statuario Divine | ZQ811 ETERNITY COLLECTION Electric veins in dove-gray break through a luminous white backdrop. Fine lighter streams add a gentle touch to the design. Contrast and elegance to bring a dramatic yet distinguish ambiance to any space. Close up view Dowload Technical Sheet SIZE 3200 x 1600 mm (126 x 63 inch) THICKNESSES

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Statuario Light

Statuario Light | ZQ3113 ETERNITY COLLECTION Statuario Light is a classic pattern with distinct grey veining throughout, delivering a striking and bold pattern. Accidental small veining jumble together next to the bolder veining. Its unrivalled ivory-white hue with solemn grey veins running through it makes it a material boasting everlasting elegance. Close up view Dowload

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White Goose

WHITE GOOSE | ZQ1354 ETERNITY COLLECTION An intricate lattice of pencil veins surrounded by a profusion of small capillaries, providing even more realism to this pattern. Boldness meets delicacy in White Goose where the ivory background and complexion of its veining bring unexpected strength to classic rooms and originality to contemporary spaces. Close up view

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