White Sand

White Sand | ZQ1372 NC MINIMALISM COLLECTION Radiating sophistication, this chalky white backdrop speckled with tiny particles of greys and tans captivates the eye and turns a simple design into a striking one. Its soft pattern is a versatile base for any interior space, from calm ambiances to bolder proposals. Close up view Dowload Technical […]

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Vapor | ZQ1346 NC MINIMALISM COLLECTION A grey background is brought to life by a profusion of particles ranging from light grey to black that stand out against the base, adding texture and depth. A perfect choice for minimalist spaces brimming with character. Close up view Dowload Technical Sheet SIZE 3200 x 1600 mm (126

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Super White

Super White | ZQ1001 MINIMALISM COLLECTION The purity and luminosity of Super White defines this surface. The most ethereal colour for lovers of perfection, minimalism and cleanness. Nothing distracts this composition, and the ambience is achieved with the decorative elements with which this surface is combined. A perfect canvas with no nuances or irregularities that

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Crystal White

Crystal White | ZQ2015 MINIMALISM COLLECTION A universe of minute dots and slightly larger flakes cover a crystal white canvas. Warm toned particles blend with cooler ones creating an inviting atmosphere of exquisite taste. A simple yet seductive surface that exudes elegance in an effortless way. Close up view Dowload Technical Sheet SIZE 3200 x

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Aluminum | ZQ1347 NC MINIMALISM COLLECTION The fine granules in a range of gray tones provide a sleek look and depth of texture, typical of polished cement. Synonymous with aesthetic order and sobriety, Aluminum provides a rational touch for any design. Close up view Dowload Technical Sheet SIZE 3200 x 1600 mm (126 x 63

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